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Udaya Industries

Established in 1972 at Weligalla, Sri Lanka. with 3 diligent people with few laborers in order to supply aluminum house hold goods and Machinery equipments for entrepreneurs and organizations in Sri Lanka . At present more than 200 employees engaged in our industry for acquisition of our success. We are now embarking in to new areas of expansion. As a result of our hard effort we are remaining in the top position on foundry work, Agro Machinery production, casting molding and fabricating industrial spares, sluice gates for huge irrigation projects in Sri Lanka.


to become a pioneer industry in Sri Lanka in quality, reliability and trustworthy in manufacturing of agro based machinery, plantations machinery, Irrigation gates and spares parts for mega industries while remaining environmentally friendly


To be the pioneer manufacturer of agro based machinery and plantations machinery and machinery for entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka and to save the foreign exchange for the betterment of our mother nation and contributing job opportunities for suburb areas